Dark Capsule

by Beauty Of Asylum



Originally created on June 11, 2015


released January 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Beauty Of Asylum Potomac, Maryland

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Track Name: Black Composure
There's a place I hide my darkness
That enmasks my shadows to lure deep with the night
It creeps the halls and haunts the gallow
Water not shallow enough to peat with my mind so hallow

This shell it bleeds me
And these senses they fulfill me
With pressure a ton
They come to receive me
They shallowly find me
To feed off the remind me

If I had more to say for the night
I'd come to insanity, replaying your line.
You say,
My mind finds you my venue.
My body is overcome by you..
The venom is reaching insides, I die.

A black composure your soul at rest
Dressed in black perfumed decay waiting for...
At large rest.. At your stay..

I have grand words to say
But you shipped them all away!

My sorrowful mind is a stature of my inane
They decay, they decay, am I insane?

I miss you forever, my mind the endeavor
Attacked by cathartic pulses rapeing my mind
The venom is reaching inside, I die. I cry..

This replay, to the end.
I'm taken into the black again.

I am just a man, don't you understand?
They feed off my dark trance..

This decay, to the end..
I'm taken into the dark again.
Track Name: One
I know
There can only be one.
My lovely rose..
The darkness has consumed your hue,
I can bleed.. For you.
To become the one.

Welcome to iniolation
All this fuss you've created, created
I'm dying, I'm dying and crying, just crying
I'm dying, I'm dying and crying, just crying

For time I'm patiently freed
And im left without a sense of bleed

I am helpless
My dream... Is black pitched.
If only you could believe!!
Ill be freed... Be freed.