Till' Death Do Us Apart

by Beauty Of Asylum



An emotional album based on lost of a loved one and a metaphorical album on dying inside when losing someone valued. Originally composed songs, accompanied by dark electronics.


released November 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Beauty Of Asylum Potomac, Maryland

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Track Name: Blue Soul
White stares...
You scare me.
Your soul is dying, I never knew it would get this blue.
I always wanted to bond with you, stars are shining..
Im here waiting forever in the stars..
My name and I've sown you within your deep red scars.
All under my skin, crawling lights go back to the night.
For the sky is falling.. your retrieving your endeavor so bright!
Your floating up above the ground,
Above the arousing lights shining..
The light soul lift above the glowing lilies
The cry so lovely!

I will say that your Nirvana.
And so sweet.. They break sweet stress.

Im not scared. Nor will i cry if your body is gone forever!
I'll be here by your side, please do forgive.
I know whats right.. You live forever...
Track Name: DI3
Don't Die, Just Cry.
Don't Die, My Bride.
don't DIE.. Just Lie.
don't DIE.. Bury Me.

I Love You..
I Love It.
When You Shelter Under Black Screens!
Watch Me, Go Away. Happily Bury Me.

Please KISS Me.
Finally Take Me.
When I'm Gone Forever.

Hear My Sever.
Hold Me Forever Cry.
Don't DIE, Don't die.
Track Name: Red and Blue
Your soul glows
Bright Red and Your...
Eyes turn Blue
Just like a Jewel.
I hear you... Cry.

Tonight is RED like your Eyes when tears they Cry.
In bloody merciful cry.

Bonding souls they fly.
The air is filled perfumed.
Your body afloat oversight
Your a Millennium Dial for my Eyes.

I miss your Outcries, Right before you died.
I hear your outcries, you've Forsaken me (Forsaken Me)
The words are left Gold, just like my Eyes before you were Gone.
My Lips they turn Red, Enchantful life.
I Hear your Outcries.

You float above the ground
I hold your hand so your finally Gone..
I never knew it would be this way.
Finally I've reached you heading the gateway.
Your my color that bursts in chemicals..
Track Name: Dth
Your last remorse is my I'm alive
When i should be dead
Too late to say, I'm the ghost that haunts throughout the day.

Till' death do us apart!
And forever lives on the heart.
I ride the night with you
There was never my freight.

Why am i still here?
Is it ‘cause you haven't disappeared?
Why is it all dissipates?
And never relay!

Till' death do us apart!
And forever lives on the heart.
The only way to ever see..
My only sanity (my sanity)

But I'm dying to see you.
Yes I hunger to feel blue.
Here's a ghost touch..
Of a loved one forever apart!

Why did it have to last is way!
I only wanted to feel you today..
Why did it have to last this way!
I only wanted to heal your decay!!