Bolts and Voltage

from by Beauty Of Asylum



The Storyline:
There's a door that seems to shine like colorful Amber sparks.
Thinking to be a way or something I was to go through. But there's a dark reflection in the white room of something tall which I thought was me blocking the way. But I didn't fear, I kept pushing my way forward. Well, as I did, I found a room within it that was empty, yellow brown decayed walls. And then another door that lead into the red dark voltage room but nothing is there. As I backed away to run back, I got hot from my arms (which were crossed as sleeping) the room felt to turn a red decay. As I ran to the door that was closing, (disturbed monster thing was behind the door laughing) a hand was ready to close it. I'm guessing this is referring to falling victim to my own foolishness. Of giving up fear but having given up logic in the same time. Also hoping for things that don't exist in terms of insanity. End of this chapter, running towards hopeless dream.


I've been waiting.. for you...
It's too close to comfort..
There's a door that's opened up alluring me
What's too close to see?
The spark has been testing me

My reflection by the doors of your heart
Blocking my steps but I'll pass by my own eye
And you'll Watch me run farther than I ever pass
But now it's burning my feet...

There is more than nothing here!
Just bolts and voltage
And the end is an empty doom.
Run farther to the door!!!!!
(bg chorus repeating this verse under anxiety build up tone)
(Anxiety built up)

I've been heated up to wrists
Yeah Running farther..
There's no other way to escape
But the door is pulling further... What have I done!!!!!


from SinKING, releases August 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Beauty Of Asylum Potomac, Maryland

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